Building the Future of Driving

In the last ten plus years, the automotive industry has gone through a transformational shift toward electrification and new ways of operating a vehicle. We have been a  proud part of this transformation supporting our OEM clients in engineering, prototyping, fabricating and manufacturing production parts. Our work on concept vehicles highlights the future of what is to come in automotive design.

We support many OEM advanced design centers in their research of design and materials. SIM also provides engineering liaison to support engineering and feasibility studies. Every detail of a part undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process prior to release for production or concept. Our custom fabrication team enables our OEM clients to work out as many options as needed to determine a final solution.

We meet design objectives and reduce turn around time. Our Project Managers stay engaged throughout the full process and communicate to resolve any issues and meet timing goals. SIM will work to create and build reliable, timely and quality parts that influence the future of driving.

sim ideation automotive interior