Flying Right On Schedule

We are proud to supply parts and services to the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and aerospace suppliers. Supplying components to varying fleet requires a commitment to safety, accuracy and quality assurance. Our team focuses on manufacturing parts that meet every aspect of quality requirements and deliver to achieve SOP as scheduled.

We support aircraft and seating manufacturers with test parts and sample parts that meet design requirements. SIM responds quickly and accurately to help maintain test schedules.  We manufacture seating components, such as literature pockets, life vest pouches and other peripheral interior components that are highly functional and meet all regulatory safety requirements. The design and engineering support we provide our clients produces durable, reliable and quality production parts.

We engage with all stakeholders throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing process to ensure we meet and even exceed program requirements. Our Management team submits program status reports in a timely manner and engages with our clients on a regular basis.

sim ideation aerospace chair