Engineered to Perform

Our years of engineering experience gives us the know how and ability to resolve complex design challenges. We produce innovative technical solutions from an initial sketch or preliminary engineering data. We have the ability to reverse engineering from legacy parts or from draftsmen drawings, we can quickly digitize older drawings and build confirmation parts for testing and evaluation. We also utilize reverse engineering data to manufacture parts for production, where a client may no longer have access to the original source.

Early involvement with the client provides full integration for an effective solution. Using advanced materials, we work directly with designers to explore product feasibility and innovative techniques. We make improvements for reliability and safety of all components. We build in controls to a program to apply any needed changes along the way. Our advanced CAD systems help us to quickly visualize the final result producing early prototypes, as we work toward production ready parts. Below is a list of our engineering capabilities:

  • Concept Development
  • Craftsmanship Analysis
  • Product Feasibility
  • Design Support
  • Production
  • Occupant Vibration Isolation
  • 3D Modeling (physical, virtual)
sim ideation engineering computer