SIM IDEATION’s expertise in engineering, advance prototyping and manufacturing provides our defense, aerospace and automotive clients with effective and timely solutions.

SIM works with our clients to develop safe, reliable, robust solutions for all of their interior component needs. Engineering and design from scratch, build from print or reverse engineering. SIM will provide solutions that meet or exceed requirements and specifications, with an emphasis on quality.

SIM works shoulder to shoulder with our aerospace clients, we work hard to provide cost effective, elegant solutions and components. SIM will support our clients through design, engineering, certification and production. We work closely with aircraft manufacturers, their own in-house brands and suppliers to the commercial airline clients. We respond to their needs with a fast and accurate response.

We work with OEM design centers and concept car constructors to build forward looking advanced concepts, with zero defect quality. OEM’s use cutting edge design and the latest in new materials to create functional, comfortable interior spaces. We are always striving to lead in a very competitive field. We help our OEM clients to explore advanced materials and concepts, through engineering and prototyping and small and medium volume production.

Quality Policy: SIM Ideation Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality service to meet and exceed all customer and regulatory requirements. This is achieved through continuous improvement of our quality management system and constant monitoring of our measurable quality objectives.